By releasing capital customer's have tied up in assets they already own, we are able to assist them with financing all sorts of more difficult items.  This could be to raise funds for a whole host of purposes including but not limited to:

  • Business refurbishment or to develop a new industrial unit
  • To provide funding for bespoke assets, which would be more difficult to fund direct
  • A way of raising capital to fund business acquisition
  • For property development or even to buy property quickly
  • To create more stable working capital for their business and be less beholden on bank overdrafts
  • Enabling funds to be quickly available should the customer be bidding on goods at auction or privately
  • To raise deposits for new capital purchases, whereby the client can then benefit from preferential manufacturer lending schemes
  • Fund clients hobbies, whether car collectors, art, antiques, virtually any expensive past-time

This is an area of great expertise and one the team have over 30 years of experience in.

We have always been very active in the re-finance market, having assisted thousands of clients with financial solutions for all nature of projects. We will visit the customer’s business and then advise on what assets may be suitable for raising funds against. We check title of the goods, inspect them, conduct asset register information, value them and then agree an advance secured predominantly against them.
Suitable assets for re-financing include commercial vehicles, cars, plant, machinery, engineering equipment or any hard assets with a proven second hand value and which are easily disposable.

Customers: This facility is available to both SME businesses and High Net Worth Individuals.  We are not in the re-finance sector for distressed lending, but dealing with customers who are creditworthy.


Wharehouse Racking

Warehouse Racking


Re-finance of Van Fleet

Re-finance of Van Fleet