For our latest meet the team feature, we speak to Rhianna Franklyn, who manages the processing of documentation and requests at Renaissance Asset Finance.

What does your role entail?

Working as Senior Sales Support involves processing all proposals, document requests, pay-out checks, and payments. I liaise with our brokers and the sales team daily to ensure a seamless service from start to finish. As a senior team member, I help the rest of the sales support team with training and assist with any queries that may arise.

How can asset finance support your clients?

Under asset finance, businesses can also unlock cash and raise capital by securing a loan against assets the business already owns.

What would you say is noteworthy about Renaissance Asset Finance?

Renaissance Asset Finance has a ‘hands-on’ approach with all proposals and document requests, with pay-out checks being personally managed by the sales team, sales support team and our underwriters. We strive to build good relationships with our brokers.

Are there any personal or professional highlights over the last year for you?

I was promoted to Senior Sales Support in September 2022 after 3.5 years as a sales support team member at Renaissance Asset Finance. On a personal level, I got married in November 2022 in sunny Jamaica.

Finally, do you have any hobbies/interests outside of your role?

I enjoy Ballroom and Latin dancing, which I have recently roped my new husband into! He has dragged me to a few Park Runs as payback – I am definitely not a runner!



Rhianna Franklyn