Hire purchase

Hire purchase might be right for you if you are looking to own the asset at the end of the hire period. It allows you to expand or upgrade by spreading the cost of a new asset, reducing the impact on cash flow.

Finance lease

A finance lease allows you to rent rather than own the asset. The asset remains the property of the finance company throughout the lease, while you benefit from exclusive use of the asset providing the terms of the agreement and regular payments are met. Also, because it is a trading expense, you may have the option to off-set the rentals against pre-tax profits.

Refinance –Hire purchase

Refinance allows you to raise cash from assets you already own. You can take finance secured against the value of the asset you pay back over an agreed period; you will retain ownership of the asset on completion of all scheduled payments.

Any asset with a future value could be suitable for refinance. A cash injection can help you invest funds where they are needed within your business.

Block discounting

A funding solution for all finance providers, block discounting provides an income stream by unlocking capital invested in hire purchase, lease, rental, and loan agreements you have in place with your customers. While you will remain responsible, as our agent, for managing the agreements and the customer repayments as the facility is undisclosed, we purchase blocks of these agreements and release funds to you in advance of payments being received.

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